Sunraysia Autism Spectrum Support Group Incorporated

Sunraysia Autism Spectrum Support Group Incorporated is a small-scale charity established in 2002. Their main activity is registered as community service organisations primarily serving early childhood - aged under 6 children - aged 6 to under 15 youth - 15 to under 25 adults - aged 25 to under 65 adults - aged 65 and over families aboriginal and torres strait islander people gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons migrants, refugees or asylum seekers people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background people in rural/regional/remote communities financially disadvantaged people people with chronic illness (including terminal illness) people with disabilities unemployed persons veterans and/or their families females males.

By providing information and support to those who care for children and/or adults, or are adults on the autism spectrum. We run a number of meet and greets, social events so carers and/or adults on the spectrum can meet up, as well as running several events throughout the year where everyone can participate in.

Sunraysia Autism Spectrum Support Group Incorporated

Who They Help

  • Youth - 15 to under 25
  • Veterans and/or their families
  • Unemployed persons
  • People with disabilities
  • People with chronic illness (including terminal illness)
  • People in rural/regional/remote communities
  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers
  • Males
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons
  • Financially disadvantaged people
  • Females
  • Families
  • Early childhood - aged under 6
  • Children - aged 6 to under 15
  • Adults - aged 65 and over
  • Adults - aged 25 to under 65
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people



Total employee expenses: $0 (0% of revenue).
Average full-time equivalent salary: $0.

Revenue vs Expenses

Sunraysia Autism Spectrum Support Group Incorporated has seen an average annual growth of 130% in revenue versus a 25% p.a. increase in expenses. This can be a good sign of financial health.

Grants given out in 2020 for use within Australia: $4,689

Assets vs Liabilities

Sources of Revenue

Sources of Expense

Responsible People

Marion Craig
Committee Member
Bianca Bugeja
Committee Member
Kirsty James
Kristy Tkacz
Board Member
Michael Craig
Jane Reid
Committee Member
Amanda Barton
Karen Sanders
Committee Member
Cherie Hocking
Leah Harwood
Committee Member
Tyler James
Board Member
Nicole Pink
Committee Member
Steven Bloomfield
Committee Member
Jade Lepoidevin
Committee Member
Emily Wilkinson
Committee Member

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Registration Status
Charity is registered.
DGR Status
Not endorsed.

Donations are not tax deductible.

Office Address
Po Box 2084cp
Mildura Centre Plaza
VIC 3501
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Other Incorporated Entity

Other incorporated entity includes an entity that has the same characteristics as a company but is not incorporated as a corporation's law company. This category includes: a branch of an overseas company not incorporated in Australia (often the name ends in corporation) incorporated associations which are incorporated under a State Act incorporated charitable institutions

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